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We are pleased to offer personally-selected wingshooting destinations around the world. Hunters may join scheduled group hunts, subject to availability, or schedule their own private group hunts. We don't send our clients anywhere unless we are sure that first and foremost, the hunting will be worth the trip; and second, that the accommodation and food is of a high standard and at least commensurate with the price of the hunt; and finally that your hosts will be good company and attentive to your needs. Thus, the list is rather short.

Africa is known for its big game hunting, with good reason. However, almost everyone overlooks the great bird hunting that is available in South Africa and Namibia. Whether it be for driven guinea fowl, sand grouse over water, or francolin over dogs, the birds are wild and plentiful. Duck hunting can be excellent as well. Bird hunting and big game hunting can be combined for the trip of a lifetime.

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Argentina is the destination of choice for volume shooting. The action on doves and pigeons is fast and furious, to the point of excess. Excellent partridge and waterfowl hunting is generally available and as good as any, albeit subject to bag limits. North American hunters enjoy the estancia lifestyle and cuisine, not to mention the outstanding hospitality, as much as they enjoy the shooting.

England (not forgetting Wales) is the home of modern wingshooting and still offers traditional driven shoots for pheasant and grouse. Hunts are more traditional, to the point of being quite formal in some cases. England is not for the budget-minded hunter but offers a delightful combination of quality hunting and a sense of privilege that only hundreds of years of tradition can confer. Our partners in the UK, Bettws Hall, manage six estates dedicated to the finest wingshooting experience. Accommodation is provided on or off the grounds.

Spain is famous for outstanding high volume driven Perdiz (red-legged Partridge) hunts conducted in grand traditional style. Guests are accommodated in private lodges situated on the Estates. Enjoy strong birds, blue skies, continental cuisine and grand lodging in the heart of Spain.

North America needs no introduction. There is still excellent hunting for wild birds and best of all it's close to home for those who prefer not to travel to distant places for their wingshooting. All price points and levels of service are available, and value for money and time away is excellent.

Here is a brief summary of destination that we support. Details for each can be found by following the appropriate link and we welcome email inquiries. In many cases, we accompany groups to ensure that your hunt is a success.


Jochen Hein Namibia - Guest Quarters Sand grouse over water; rough shooting for guinea fowl and francolin; and pass-shooting for doves. Plains game hunting and sightseeing are excellent Okatjuru
Russ Gould South Africa - Lodge or Tented Driven and walked-up Guinea Fowl w. Francolin; Francolin over pointing dogs; pass-shooting at Doves. Free-ranging and high-fenced plains game hunting available with combo hunts. Great value for money, high gamebird populations on private property. Articles To Africa with Drilling and Back to School Impala Southern Cross Safaris
Russ Gould Oregon/Owyhee - Tent Trailer or Motel Chukar (and lots of them) over GWP. Relatively easy terrain as chukar terrain goes, but vast area so as much walking as you can handle and then 10% more. Food may not be great if we camp, volunteer cooks welcome ;)Article Ridge of Plenty email us
Hector Perren Argentina/Santiago Del Estero - Lodge Volume dove and pigeon shooting without bag limits; partridge over dogs, limit 10 per species x 3; ducks, limit 20 per hunter. Comfortable private lodge, centrally located, en-suite and shared bath, with great home-cooked meals. Big game hunting also offered from nearby bush camp, as well as night hunts for varmints in combination with bird hunts. Article A Matched Pair in Argentina San Uberto
Cordoba Wingshooting Argentina/Cordoba - Estancia Volume shooting for doves and pigeons; traditional estancia accommodation with restaurant quality meals. Cordoba
Bettws Hall England/Wales; Spain Day Shoots for Driven Partridge and Pheasant; Driven Perdiz in Spain Bettws

Pls email us if you would like to be added to the list

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