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Hunt Brawny Wild Birds and Free Ranging Plains Game Among the Acacias and Giant Aloes of the Soetveld


Whether hunting speckled birds..... or striped plains game
With Shotgun.... or rifle.......
Bag a mess of birds..... or a brace of bulls...
With a group of friends........ or without.....
We deliver memories, feathered.... or furred
...fine food... and sweet dreams (with private bath...)





Bird/Plains Game Combination Hunt

1 day PG Hunting per 3 days Bird Hunting

excl. tips, taxidermy, alcohol, ammo, and airfare





2 persons: $350

3-4 persons: $325

5-6 persons :$300

7-8 persons: $275

shared accommo

minimum 7 nights/6 days

bird huntng in groups, plains game hunting 2x1




2 persons: $250

3-4 persons: $220

5-6 persons: $200

7-8 persons: $180

shared accommo

mimimum 7 nights/6 days

bird hunting in groups, plains game hunting 2x1


Kudu Bull $950 $1200
Eland Bull $1350 POR
Water Buck $1150 POR
Zebra $750 POR
Gemsbok $750 POR
Red Hartebeest $650 na
Blue Wildebeest $650 POR
Blesbuck $250 POR
Impala $250 $250
Bushpig $200 $200
Warthog $150 $150
Duiker $150 $150
Steenbok $150 $150
Bushbuck $650 $750

Guest fly into Polokwane on a connection from JNB where they will be met. Generally, a same-day connection is possible. If not, we will arrange overnight accommodation near JNB. A stop will be made in town to lay in supplies of shells and personal items (the airlines limit ammo to 11lb). The hunting area is less than an hour by road from Polokwane airport.

Hunting from the lodge is conducted on 21 different low-fenced farms within 30 km of the lodge comprising 27000 Ha (65000 Acres) in aggregate. The habitat varies from dense riverine bush to open acacia thornveld to fallow and planted crop circles. Three species of Francolin (Natal, Crested and Swainson's) are present, with a special award to any hunter that takes all three in one outing. Guinea Fowl are present in flocks varying from 50 to 500 birds. Plains game is hunted on high-fenced private properties in the same area.

Hunters staying at the lodge will enjoy a light coffee/rusk breakfast before setting out at first light. A full brunch is served around 11h30, after which hunters may take a siesta in the heat of the day, or venture out for doves over waterholes. Around 3 pm, group hunting resumes until dark. Non-alcoholic refreshment is provided in the field, and a cold beer or two will be offered upon completion of the hunt while the bag is tallied and pictures taken. Hunters then return to the lodge for hot showers and cocktails around the fire pit, before enjoying a multi-course dinner. Alcohol is available at the lodge bar on individual account, but may not be brought in.

Hunting from the tented camp is conducted on 3 farms under single ownership, totaling 22000 acres. The plains game hunting is conducted on these same low-fenced properties including the property where the camp is located. The game is completely free ranging, thus the variety of species is somewhat limited. Hunting for additional species can be arranged on high-fenced properties in the same general area. Habitat and bird species are identical to the above, with somewhat less area under cultivation. Very limited bird hunting is conducted on these properties, providing a very high standard of sport.

Meal times and hunting schedule from the tented camp are completely flexible. Meals will be prepared for you, cooked on a fragrant acacia fire in camp. Special dietary requests will be accommodated if at all possible. Hot showers and a flush toilet are provided, as is good potable water and a gas-fired refrigerator. Beer is provided in moderation, other alcohol can be purchased upon arrival.

Private groups are welcome and recommended on either hunt. Hunters with flexible schedules may be able to join a composed group, provided that they agree in advance to show the utmost consideration for their fellow guests. We will not tolerate unsafe firearms handling, hunting or horseplay under the influence, or other materially antisocial behavior. Guests who transgress will be relocated to a hotel in town where they will reside at their own cost for the duration with no refund of daily fees.

Call for availability, or email us!

Deposit covering 50% of daily fees required with booking, balance on completion of the hunt. We will send you important customs information and practical tips, together with your booking confirmation.