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Here we show a mock-up showing how you can set up your proprietary seller site with your own ".com" address running on our electronic commerce engine. You control the site, just like it's your own site. But you benefit from all the great "behind-the-scenes" capabilities of our business model...like five pictures per item, online ordering with automatic freight and sales tax computation, a central database of FFL holders that customers can elect to utilize when placing an order for a firearm, automatic decrementing of inventory so your site listings are always current, use of our merchant processor so you can accept credit cards without any expense or hassle, your own picklist telling you what to ship and to whom, automatic generation of UPS labels without any rekeying of customer data, automated confirmation emails triggered by the order, payment receipt, and shipment, and best of all at the end of the year, doing your taxes is a snap as we can tell you your sales, opening and closing inventory, additions to inventory, and cost of sales.

This is the home page. In the main (colored) area(s), you tell your story and be sure to include those all-important keywords so the search engines know what your site is all about. You can subdivide this area into blocks as we have done here, or you can make it all one big block of text and graphics. Since you own the site content, you can make changes to your welcome message whenever you feel that is necessary by editing a simple .html file using word or even textpad or wordpad. We will upload the file for you so it's just a question of emailing it to us. Easy as that. Note, this is a real live site...go ahead and order something if you please! The items displayed on this site (or your site) depend on the item categories selected for your site, and also on whether you want your site set up as a proprietary site or a public site. If you elect a proprietary site, your items and only your items will be listed on your site. If you elect a public site, your items will appear on all of the sites in our portfolio that utilize the relevant categories, without having to rekey any data. So for example, all double rifles would be automatically listed on our bigfivehq.com and doublegunhq.com sites, as well as your own site, provided you elected to utilize that category on your site. This gives your items exposure on multiple websites. The same logic works in reverse, all items in the relevant categories owned by other "public" sellers will appear for sale on your site, making your site look more comprehensive than it is. The system will route any orders placed on any site, to the appropriate owner(s), and our clearing house will divvy up the order proceeds accordingly. In addition, you can mirror your items on 3rd party sites (eg Guns International) via bulk uploads once a week or so, saving you the hassle of rekeying all the info, uploading the pictures twice, or trying to remember what you have sold. If you keep this master site tidy, your listings on 3rd party sites will also be current. If you elect a private site, only your items will appear here and this is the only place (in our portfolio) they will appear. Of course they can also be mirrored on third party sites.

If you would like to learn more, use the "apply to sell" menu item at the left to set up an account and we will email or call you to explain how this works in detail


We have divided this page into 3 blocks but you can divide it up however you wish. Three blocks suited us when we laid out our initial sites. The shape of the blocks can be changed as can the background color/image. It's completely flexible. The only thing that we can't change on this page is the layout of the menu and title/logo areas. Your main logo need not be round...we have found a round logo works easiest with the page setup though. Square would also be fine. On the LHS menu, all the items down to and including "sister sites" are fixed for all sites, for the most part because they are an integral part of our common business model. However, below that item, you have 5 fully customizable menu entries. The names of each of these 5 links can be whatever you like. You can link to another site you own (and we can host that site for you), or put in an "about us" page, a page of customer references/commendations, whatever you need. When we help you set up your site, you can decide what you want to do with these 5 main menu links. Of course, each link must have a landing page and those pages can in turn be menus. The only restriction is that the landing pages must be in html format and the filenames must follow our naming convention. We will help you set all of that up.


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Here you could put a caption for your first picture Second caption here, if you wish
By now you may be thinking that using our website service must cost a fortune. You would be wrong. We charge a very modest fixed monthly fee for the service, and you actually get a discount on commissions if you your subscribe to the monthly service. Our commission structure depends on the payment type: orders paid by cashier's check or money order are disbursed at 98% of proceeds; orders paid by personal or company check, at 97% (and we guarantee funds if we accept the check); and credit card orders at 96%. How does a seller get paid? We take and process all payments via our clearing house. Some orders may contain items from more than one seller, not a problem, that's what computers are for. Every two weeks, we cut sellers a check for their sales proceeds (including shipping), net of our fees. So you don't even have to worry about paying us. We pay you.
safari rifle One final point, the block of text at the bottom of the page, below the colored area you can customize, is fixed for all sites. It's our (often futile) attempt to explain to customers that we have a real time database and that we (NR LLC) take online payments on behalf of all the site owners. However, we still get innumerable emails asking whether a particular item is in stock. I guess the rest of the online firearms community is behind the times and the customers don't expect any better.

INVENTORY IS UPDATED IN REAL TIME: Everything you see is in stock, no need to email the seller first
ALL SALES ON APPROVAL: 3 Day inspection, refer to POLICIES page for details
ALL SALES ARE ESCROW SALES: Funds released to seller after inspection period lapses; buy with confidence!